Oscar Dela Hoya

In the latter part of the 20th century, Oscar Dela Hoya can be remarked as one of the most unforgettable contenders in the sport of boxing. His title matches drew amazing crowds and his fan base was outstanding and well deserved. He was a forerunner against stiff competition and earned numerous accolades beyond his titles, including being named 95’s fighter of the year.

oscar de la hoya

Born in East L.A. in 1973, his talent and good looks made Dela Hoya just as much a celebrity as he was a fighter, earning the attention from many that would not generally have paid attention to the sport. His boxing impact, however, was the primary reason for his success, taking him to ten championship victories in six different weight classes. Not only was he a fantastic fighter but he was also an incredible earner, producing hundreds of millions in view generated income.
Oscar met with numerous champions and bested them all throughout his career including Hector Camacho and Julio Cesar Chavez. He earned a gold medal in the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, Spain satisfying a deathbed wish of his mom’s and the distinction earned him the name “Golden Boy” although many also differ to his handsome features as a viable explanation for the handle.

Dela Hoya’s match against champion Felix Trinidad drew the ire and contention of many when the judges’ decision found him defeated even though he was clearly outfighting his opponent. People on the professional side and the fan side were up in arms, demanding a rematch but that never came to fruition and those in the know still regard Dela Hoya as the victor.

He was not discouraged, however, and went on to win against many other major contenders in multiple weight divisions. Middleweight was his toughest stint and was defeated time and again by the likes of Floyd Mayweather and Bernard Hopkins before deciding it might be time for him to retire.

Dela Hoya had so many positive stars shining in his career but he also had a fairly balanced record in terms of wins and losses, primarily due to the latter part of his career and some bad judgment calls on decision calls. In all likelihood, had he retired slightly earlier, the percentage ratios on his record would be far improved. Some also say that the change to the lesser weight class may have put him at a disadvantage as the speed of the lighter fighters coupled with his age were stacked against him. Due to these factors, some may overlook him as a great fighter. He may not be remembered for his record but he’ll definitely be considered for his unwavering courage in taking on any comers not distinguishing between skills level and weight divisions. And because of his showmanship, he brought fresh attention to the sport of boxing and as such will be regarded by some as someone that revitalized boxing and subsequently, other fighting styles to be the blockbuster earners that they are today.

After his retirement from the ring, he continues to be involved in the sport and he started a company under his Golden Boy handle to promote both promising and successful contenders including Victor Ortiz and Bernard Hopkins. The promotional company also owns numerous industry related media properties such as KO Magazine along with others.

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