Edmonton Boxing Coach Charged

The world of boxing was a little darker today withe news that a boxing coach in Edmonton, Alberta was charged with sexual assault. This charge was laid in connection to an incident which occurred in October, 2015 with one of his younger athlete’s. This story has left many in the sport reeling in shock and concern and has further brought to light concerns regarding safety for those participating in the sport at junior levels.

Edmonton police

Leo Guilford Marsh, age 63 has now been charged with sexual exploitation and sexual assault. He was arrested on December 15th, he has already received his court date which’ll be January 13th, 2016. The urgency to see this man put away for life is clear. The reasoning for Leo’s demise is due to an allegation that was reported to the police by a parent of a child, this parent claimed that this coach has sexually assaulted their child. The incident had occurred in September of this year.

Police are obviously not releasing the name of the boxing club, the alleged victim and all connections that Marsh had with the boxing club has been erased online as well as has been destroyed from any physical papers.

Police are asking anyone whom might have had the same experience in the region with a Boxing Coach to come forward. The longer of a sentence that this man can receive, the better. Though if he gets twenty-five years which is the maximum sentence available in Canada, then he will be dead before he ever leaves prison.