Queensland Possibly Regulating Combat Sports

The Queensland Government, located in Australia is seriously considering regulating combat sports in their state due to the death of two individual boxers in the past five years. Dozens of other boxers have been badly injured, causing for concussions that alter their personality and more. This is becoming a norm in the region, this is a norm no one desires to see and due to this the government has been in serious talks during council meetings on how they could regulate this violent sport.

Queensland Government

Last March, Braydon Smith was in a featherweight fight at the local boxing ring. He was fighting against John Moralde, this Filipino man brutally assaulted Braydon during the fight as Braydon was no match for him. An hour and a half after the fight was finished, Braydon collapsed to the floor and died two minutes later. The parents tried to sue the boxing association of Australia, they tried to press charges against Mr. Moralde and they did everything in their power to ensure their sons death not be in vain. Unfortunately, all efforts until not were worthless & it’s only due to the possibly penalties that the Queensland state would have to pay that their considering regulating the sport.

Hopefully these two deaths don’t go in vain & that there is justice for the dozens of dozens of boxers whom have been altered in their personality through concussions. The sport could become once again fun, enjoyable and exciting if the idea of possibly being injured for life or worse wasn’t a factor for the boxers.

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Edmonton Boxing Coach Charged

All throughout the world there are constant stories of horrendous actions taken by people. Today, a boxing coach has been charged with sexual assault in Edmonton. This charge was laid in connection to an incident which occurred in October, 2015 with one of his younger athlete’s. This story has riveted throughout Canada sexual assault across the country is one of their lowest forms of crimes, leaving this man known throughout prison.


Leo Guilford Marsh, age 63 has now been charged with sexual exploitation and sexual assault. He was arrested on December 15th, he has already received his court date which’ll be January 13th, 2016. The urgency to see this man put away for life is clear. The reasoning for Leo’s demise is due to an allegation that was reported to the police by a parent of a child, this parent claimed that this coach has sexually assaulted their child. The incident had occurred in September of this year.

Police are obviously not releasing the name of the boxing club, the alleged victim and all connections that Marsh had with the boxing club has been erased online as well as has been destroyed from any physical papers.

Police are asking anyone whom might have had the same experience in the region with a Boxing Coach to come forward. The longer of a sentence that this man can receive, the better. Though if he gets twenty-five years which is the maximum sentence available in Canada, then he will be dead before he ever leaves prison.

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Holly Holm Takes Yet another Title

Many people aren’t aware as to whom Holly Holm is, well she is one of the most successful athletes in combat sports period. Regardless of what period of history you look at, this woman stands as one of the top three elites in combat sports. She has spent years in the world of championship boxing, during her professional career in boxing she only lost twice and one of those loses she reclaimed as a win only a day later to Anne Sophie Mathis. Miss. Holm’s has now conquered the MMA, beating the world’s most notable female athlete today and stealing her belt.

Holly Holm

That notable athlete would be Ronda Rousey, a woman considered to be the greatest female MMA Athlete of all time. She no longer can claim that title as Holly Holm now just doesn’t stand as the greatest female boxer of all time but also stands as the greatest MMA athlete of all time. This is making Miss. Holm considered entering the ring with males.

Ronda Rousey defeated fifty percent of the MMA Fighters on the professional roster, yet Miss. Rousey was defeated in minutes by Holly Holm. This has lead people to believe that Holly would be able to put up a harder fight against the male athletes of professional MMA fighting, if she was able to defeat all male MMA fighters then she would lay claim to a title that no other woman in professional combat sports has been able to do. That title would be “Best MMA Fighter (Male & Female Division)”.

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Manny Pacquiao Retiring From Boxing

Boxing is about to become a lot more boring as one of the best to compete in the sport is about to retire from his career in professional boxing. Manny Pacquiao announced through his long time promoter, Bob Arum, that Manny will be appearing in his final fight on April 6th, 2016. The opponent for this final fight has yet to be named as of right now.

The reasoning for “Pacman” retiring from politics is because he wishes to enter into politics. Mr. Pacquiao wishes to be the senator in the Philippines, if he is elected into power than he will no longer have time for boxing. Regardless if he loses or wins, Manny will no longer box professional due to his increasing age. You could have all of the skill in the world but ultimately the body begins to wear down after a number of years.

Manny Pacquiao

It was known that Manny Pacquiao wanted to fight Floyd Mayweather, after finally duking it out from years & years of anticipations, Manny was able to come out on top. Though many said that this fight did not live up to the hype. None the less record numbers for boxing were still drawn in & boxing headlines were once again seen throughout all of Northern America.
While Mr. Mayweather spends his millions of millions of dollars in his retirement, Mr. Pacquiao will be spending his time trying to govern the Philippines into better times. This once again proves who’s the better man inside of the ring as well as outside of the ring as well. The question on everyone’s mind is which career will prove to be more difficult for Manny Pacquiao.

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Boxing Still Required For US Soldiers

Boxing is ultimately a sport which teaches whomever is willing to learn patience, tactical awareness, strength and many other valuable qualities. It is because of these qualities that the United States of America Military Cadets must still learn how to box.


This is a good back up skill to have as if the soldier’s gun is out of range and their back up knives are out of vision they’ll have the ability to defend themselves. It’s been more than one century since boxing was included as a mandatory class for all soldiers in the US Army. It appears that only male cadets have to go through this routine while female cadets can choose to join or opt out of learning boxing. Regardless if you’re infantry, navy or a part of the air force, learning boxing is required.

It seems that this skill set is being challenged by various bases across Northern America. The West Point Army Base has openly stated that they’ll continue to have their cadets learn physical combat for the foreseeable future, regardless if boxing no longer is mandatory. There are various other bases stating the exact same thing. It’s clear that boxing just hasn’t become a useful skill in the US Army but a time honored tradition that many soldiers aren’t willing to give up.

Unfortunately learning how to box can have the occasional issue arise such as a concussion. This is the main argument towards having boxing removed as a mandatory asset class. It seems that regardless of what decision is made some army bases won’t give up on the tradition.

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Turkish Shop Owners Have Plan Foiled

Turkey, though a very beautiful country is also one full of citizens who wish to take advantages of tourists. One of the main ways of doing so is by having a fridge or shelf that is rigged to break upon grabbing the product, afterwards the owner demands payment or more. This is exactly what happened to one Irish Tourist, unfortunately for those Turkish show owners they were unaware as to who this man actually was.


This Irish man is a professional boxer, the CCTV Camera footage shows that this man simply opened up the fridge to only have a dozen or more bottles of water fall to the ground. After refusing payment the owner of this shop hit this Irish man and quickly other shop owners surrounded the man in order to beat him up as a gang. Luckily this professional boxer is more than used to taking hits and dealing them out, he knocked out one person to the ground with one punch and defended himself from all of the others.

After realizing that they couldn’t defeat this man with their bear fists the owners of these shops started to grab clubs, bats and chairs to beat the man with. Yet this individual still stood strong and defended himself from this crowd of attackers. Luckily due to this video going viral there have been consequences to these owners actions, they’ve all been fined and a number of them have been charged. Some of these men even face jail time due to previous charges.

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Boxing Movies Could Be Banned

Boxing movies are known for being violent in nature, it over exaggerates what it’s like to be a boxer in terms of there are a lot more hits to the face then there is dancing around the ring, due to this the blood and gore of these films are receiving some backlash from viewers and many critics.

South paw

Those of the highest society in North America believe that these movies should be banned due to their intense violence. It should be noted that these are the same people who believe homeless should be sent to slums far away from any city, these are people who don’t believe in legal immigration and who believe in polluting the world. Late night comedy show hosts have even begun to make jokes at the expense of these individuals due to the ridiculous nature of their request. Southpaw, the latest blockbuster boxing film to be released is very violent and saddening. So much so that many people have left the theaters in tears from the film, tears of pain and happiness at the same time.

The fact of the matter is that these films bring in millions of dollars in for Hollywood and they’ll be going nowhere anytime soon, thanks to the mass success of Southpaw audience viewers can expect to see more boxing films in the not so distant future. Those looking to watch Southpaw can now do so by visiting down to their local movie theater or upon its release to video in the near future.

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Russian Boxing Bans Ring Girls Wearing Bikini’s

In an astonishing set of events the Russian Government has announced that sporting events pertaining towards professional boxing can no longer have ring girls that are wearing bikinis. The reason for this is because many Russian fans as well as fighters find it disrespectful due to their religious faiths. It’s drawn in a mixed reaction that has started to shed a bad light on not only the sport but the woman in the ring as well.

Russian BoxingGirls Wearing Bikini

The decision itself to do this has also caused somewhat of an uproar against those who approved of these revealing clothes. None the less the Russian Government has stood firm with their decision to do this, noting that this decision has been a long time coming & should’ve been imposed long ago. Those boxers from other countries will also have to notify their promoters that they can no longer have their ring girls wearing bikinis while in Russia. Instead they’ll be in tasteful attire.

Many people have approved of this decision as it’ll bring back a more classical version of the sport. The way it was supposed to be played, respect amongst men and women alike watching the physically fittest win a match of pure skill. The hope with this decision is that other countries will follow by Russia’s example & have ring girls dress in a more tasteful manner for their own respect, as well as respect for the sport.

This decision will have a major impact on the sport as Russia is one of the few countries which truly holds boxing as a beloved sport.

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SMS Promotions Files for Bankruptcy

50 Cent, who just passed his decade milestone of being shot nine times also has to deal with some other unpleasant thoughts as his boxing promotion company “SMS Promotions” has had to file for bankruptcy court. This marks the first time that 50 Cent has ever had to file one of his companies for bankruptcy court as normally all of his products have been able to earn him a hefty profit.

SMS Promotions

None the less it seems that as boxing continues to decline in popularity, other industries associated with the sport are also being effected in the process. So much so that promotion companies have had to begin to shut their doors. Promotion companies help promote certain boxers so that tickets can be sold for their matches, so that television channels such as ESPN showcase their fight and so that the boxer gets paid as well. Professional Boxing is continuing to decline in popularity & fights are rare these days, the most notable in the last few years in Floyd Mayweather & Manny Pacquiao which only took place a month ago.

Mr. Cent hasn’t been able to find a solid boxer to promote for a long period of time which in return means that the company has had to continue to pay their bills without any profit coming back to the company. There is no word as to when the USA Bankruptcy Courts will see this case and if this company will be saved from its upmost destruction.

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Fernie Boxing Club

The Fernie Old School Boxing Club located in Fernie, British Columbia is famous for being a boxing club located in a winter paradise. People all over have come to train at this boxing club as it also allows for those who train their to enjoy various other activities such as skiing or snowboarding. Today this boxing club revealed that they will be holding charity boxing lessons once a week for four hours for the next six months in order to train locals who don’t have the funds to do so. This is an incredible gesture that has already seen dozens of children, teenagers and young adults flock to the boxing club. There have been great Canadian boxers molded at this boxing club.


No profit will be gained by the Fernie Old School Boxing Club, every kind of equipment needed for someone to begin training will be provided on those days for free. The result will not only be a group of young adults who are now enjoying a new sport but it’ll also be a group of young adults who can defend themselves. This will prove to be helpful in the future which is the best gift this boxing club could provide to its local citizens.

There is no word as to what they plan to do after the six months are up. Depending on how well these charity lessons go on for the course of the next six months then they more than likely will continue them for their local citizens.

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