Queensland Possibly Regulating Combat Sports

The Queensland Government, located in Australia is seriously considering regulating combat sports in their state due to the death of two individual boxers in the past five years. Dozens of other boxers have been badly injured, causing for concussions that alter their personality and more. This is becoming a norm in the region, this is a norm no one desires to see and due to this the government has been in serious talks during council meetings on how they could regulate this violent sport.

Queensland Government

Last March, Braydon Smith was in a featherweight fight at the local boxing ring. He was fighting against John Moralde, this Filipino man brutally assaulted Braydon during the fight as Braydon was no match for him. An hour and a half after the fight was finished, Braydon collapsed to the floor and died two minutes later. The parents tried to sue the boxing association of Australia, they tried to press charges against Mr. Moralde and they did everything in their power to ensure their sons death not be in vain. Unfortunately, all efforts until not were worthless & it’s only due to the possibly penalties that the Queensland state would have to pay that their considering regulating the sport.

Hopefully these two deaths don’t go in vain & that there is justice for the dozens of dozens of boxers whom have been altered in their personality through concussions. The sport could become once again fun, enjoyable and exciting if the idea of possibly being injured for life or worse wasn’t a factor for the boxers.

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Edmonton Boxing Coach Charged

All throughout the world there are constant stories of horrendous actions taken by people. Today, a boxing coach has been charged with sexual assault in Edmonton. This charge was laid in connection to an incident which occurred in October, 2015 with one of his younger athlete’s. This story has riveted throughout Canada sexual assault across the country is one of their lowest forms of crimes, leaving this man known throughout prison.


Leo Guilford Marsh, age 63 has now been charged with sexual exploitation and sexual assault. He was arrested on December 15th, he has already received his court date which’ll be January 13th, 2016. The urgency to see this man put away for life is clear. The reasoning for Leo’s demise is due to an allegation that was reported to the police by a parent of a child, this parent claimed that this coach has sexually assaulted their child. The incident had occurred in September of this year.

Police are obviously not releasing the name of the boxing club, the alleged victim and all connections that Marsh had with the boxing club has been erased online as well as has been destroyed from any physical papers.

Police are asking anyone whom might have had the same experience in the region with a Boxing Coach to come forward. The longer of a sentence that this man can receive, the better. Though if he gets twenty-five years which is the maximum sentence available in Canada, then he will be dead before he ever leaves prison.

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