Holly Holm Takes Yet another Title

Many people aren’t aware as to whom Holly Holm is, well she is one of the most successful athletes in combat sports period. Regardless of what period of history you look at, this woman stands as one of the top three elites in combat sports. She has spent years in the world of championship boxing, during her professional career in boxing she only lost twice and one of those loses she reclaimed as a win only a day later to Anne Sophie Mathis. Miss. Holm’s has now conquered the MMA, beating the world’s most notable female athlete today and stealing her belt.

Holly Holm

That notable athlete would be Ronda Rousey, a woman considered to be the greatest female MMA Athlete of all time. She no longer can claim that title as Holly Holm now just doesn’t stand as the greatest female boxer of all time but also stands as the greatest MMA athlete of all time. This is making Miss. Holm considered entering the ring with males.

Ronda Rousey defeated fifty percent of the MMA Fighters on the professional roster, yet Miss. Rousey was defeated in minutes by Holly Holm. This has lead people to believe that Holly would be able to put up a harder fight against the male athletes of professional MMA fighting, if she was able to defeat all male MMA fighters then she would lay claim to a title that no other woman in professional combat sports has been able to do. That title would be “Best MMA Fighter (Male & Female Division)”.

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