Manny Pacquiao Retiring From Boxing

Boxing is about to become a lot more boring as one of the best to compete in the sport is about to retire from his career in professional boxing. Manny Pacquiao announced through his long time promoter, Bob Arum, that Manny will be appearing in his final fight on April 6th, 2016. The opponent for this final fight has yet to be named as of right now.

The reasoning for “Pacman” retiring from politics is because he wishes to enter into politics. Mr. Pacquiao wishes to be the senator in the Philippines, if he is elected into power than he will no longer have time for boxing. Regardless if he loses or wins, Manny will no longer box professional due to his increasing age. You could have all of the skill in the world but ultimately the body begins to wear down after a number of years.

Manny Pacquiao

It was known that Manny Pacquiao wanted to fight Floyd Mayweather, after finally duking it out from years & years of anticipations, Manny was able to come out on top. Though many said that this fight did not live up to the hype. None the less record numbers for boxing were still drawn in & boxing headlines were once again seen throughout all of Northern America.
While Mr. Mayweather spends his millions of millions of dollars in his retirement, Mr. Pacquiao will be spending his time trying to govern the Philippines into better times. This once again proves who’s the better man inside of the ring as well as outside of the ring as well. The question on everyone’s mind is which career will prove to be more difficult for Manny Pacquiao.

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