Boxing Still Required For US Soldiers

Boxing is ultimately a sport which teaches whomever is willing to learn patience, tactical awareness, strength and many other valuable qualities. It is because of these qualities that the United States of America Military Cadets must still learn how to box.


This is a good back up skill to have as if the soldier’s gun is out of range and their back up knives are out of vision they’ll have the ability to defend themselves. It’s been more than one century since boxing was included as a mandatory class for all soldiers in the US Army. It appears that only male cadets have to go through this routine while female cadets can choose to join or opt out of learning boxing. Regardless if you’re infantry, navy or a part of the air force, learning boxing is required.

It seems that this skill set is being challenged by various bases across Northern America. The West Point Army Base has openly stated that they’ll continue to have their cadets learn physical combat for the foreseeable future, regardless if boxing no longer is mandatory. There are various other bases stating the exact same thing. It’s clear that boxing just hasn’t become a useful skill in the US Army but a time honored tradition that many soldiers aren’t willing to give up.

Unfortunately learning how to box can have the occasional issue arise such as a concussion. This is the main argument towards having boxing removed as a mandatory asset class. It seems that regardless of what decision is made some army bases won’t give up on the tradition.

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