Turkish Shop Owners Have Plan Foiled

Turkey, though a very beautiful country is also one full of citizens who wish to take advantages of tourists. One of the main ways of doing so is by having a fridge or shelf that is rigged to break upon grabbing the product, afterwards the owner demands payment or more. This is exactly what happened to one Irish Tourist, unfortunately for those Turkish show owners they were unaware as to who this man actually was.


This Irish man is a professional boxer, the CCTV Camera footage shows that this man simply opened up the fridge to only have a dozen or more bottles of water fall to the ground. After refusing payment the owner of this shop hit this Irish man and quickly other shop owners surrounded the man in order to beat him up as a gang. Luckily this professional boxer is more than used to taking hits and dealing them out, he knocked out one person to the ground with one punch and defended himself from all of the others.

After realizing that they couldn’t defeat this man with their bear fists the owners of these shops started to grab clubs, bats and chairs to beat the man with. Yet this individual still stood strong and defended himself from this crowd of attackers. Luckily due to this video going viral there have been consequences to these owners actions, they’ve all been fined and a number of them have been charged. Some of these men even face jail time due to previous charges.

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