Boxing Movies Could Be Banned

Boxing movies are known for being violent in nature, it over exaggerates what it’s like to be a boxer in terms of there are a lot more hits to the face then there is dancing around the ring, due to this the blood and gore of these films are receiving some backlash from viewers and many critics.

South paw

Those of the highest society in North America believe that these movies should be banned due to their intense violence. It should be noted that these are the same people who believe homeless should be sent to slums far away from any city, these are people who don’t believe in legal immigration and who believe in polluting the world. Late night comedy show hosts have even begun to make jokes at the expense of these individuals due to the ridiculous nature of their request. Southpaw, the latest blockbuster boxing film to be released is very violent and saddening. So much so that many people have left the theaters in tears from the film, tears of pain and happiness at the same time.

The fact of the matter is that these films bring in millions of dollars in for Hollywood and they’ll be going nowhere anytime soon, thanks to the mass success of Southpaw audience viewers can expect to see more boxing films in the not so distant future. Those looking to watch Southpaw can now do so by visiting down to their local movie theater or upon its release to video in the near future.

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