Russian Boxing Bans Ring Girls Wearing Bikini’s

In an astonishing set of events the Russian Government has announced that sporting events pertaining towards professional boxing can no longer have ring girls that are wearing bikinis. The reason for this is because many Russian fans as well as fighters find it disrespectful due to their religious faiths. It’s drawn in a mixed reaction that has started to shed a bad light on not only the sport but the woman in the ring as well.

Russian BoxingGirls Wearing Bikini

The decision itself to do this has also caused somewhat of an uproar against those who approved of these revealing clothes. None the less the Russian Government has stood firm with their decision to do this, noting that this decision has been a long time coming & should’ve been imposed long ago. Those boxers from other countries will also have to notify their promoters that they can no longer have their ring girls wearing bikinis while in Russia. Instead they’ll be in tasteful attire.

Many people have approved of this decision as it’ll bring back a more classical version of the sport. The way it was supposed to be played, respect amongst men and women alike watching the physically fittest win a match of pure skill. The hope with this decision is that other countries will follow by Russia’s example & have ring girls dress in a more tasteful manner for their own respect, as well as respect for the sport.

This decision will have a major impact on the sport as Russia is one of the few countries which truly holds boxing as a beloved sport.

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