Fernie Boxing Club

The Fernie Old School Boxing Club located in Fernie, British Columbia is famous for being a boxing club located in a winter paradise. People all over have come to train at this boxing club as it also allows for those who train their to enjoy various other activities such as skiing or snowboarding. Today this boxing club revealed that they will be holding charity boxing lessons once a week for four hours for the next six months in order to train locals who don’t have the funds to do so. This is an incredible gesture that has already seen dozens of children, teenagers and young adults flock to the boxing club. There have been great Canadian boxers molded at this boxing club.


No profit will be gained by the Fernie Old School Boxing Club, every kind of equipment needed for someone to begin training will be provided on those days for free. The result will not only be a group of young adults who are now enjoying a new sport but it’ll also be a group of young adults who can defend themselves. This will prove to be helpful in the future which is the best gift this boxing club could provide to its local citizens.

There is no word as to what they plan to do after the six months are up. Depending on how well these charity lessons go on for the course of the next six months then they more than likely will continue them for their local citizens.

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