Boxing Continues To Decline

Boxing used to be the pinnacle of sports, everyone loved to attend the matches as you could smoke a cigarette or cigar while drinking without being punished for your actions. The brutal action made for a light atmosphere that saw some of the greatest figures in history be created such as “Muhammad Ali”. Unfortunately all of these decades later it seems that boxing is continue to fall on a steep decline in popularity. During the last six months of 2013 boxing matches on PPV & Cable Television fell by 32% in its amount of viewers, this is an extremely steep decline which as of right now shows no sign of growing.


Even with the return of the great Floyd Mayweather it seems that boxing isn’t able to return to the great glory days it once had. This doesn’t mean that boxing will become non-existent as it is still a formidable way of fighting but for viewers the likes of the MMA & WWE bring more to offer in excitement then boxing. The reason for this is because the MMA & WWE is a constant rush of action while boxing is a tactical sport which requires the athlete’s to not only use their impressive strength but also requires that they put a great deal of their mental training into work while fighting.

We shall inform you if there are any changes in the amount of people who view the sport of boxing of television. Unfortunately as of right now it seems that there are no indications of that changing anytime in the future.

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