Canadian Boxing Title

Boxing used to be a sport that was more main stream than American Football, it’s popularity knew no boundaries across the globe but throughout the years it has become less popular & has dwindled down into a sport only meant for die hard fighting fans, people who rely on honour and respect. Not pure destruction such as the MMA Fighting Style has to offer. Unfortunately even to the diehard boxing fans the Canadian Heavy Weight Boxing Title is something that isn’t recognized as an official title, it used to be one of the hardest titles you could get.

c boxing

Luckily thanks to fighters such as Chuvalu and Trevor Berbick we have been able to see this title slowly gain in popularity one again. In the upcoming weeks there will be a battle in the Madison Square Gardens in New York City vs. Dillon Carman & Eric Martel Bohoeli. Dillon Carman is a fighter located from Mississauga, Ontario. He is someone that has been known to be an incredible fighter which is why he will be fighting for the same title that Chuvalu once represented for a long period of time. Sports announcers are already saying that this is going to be one of the best heavy weight fights that we’ve seen in years.

We shall keep you updated on how Dillon Carman does in his heavy weight title match, he is the underdog and everyone is rooting for him to win. There is a very good chance that he could come out on top due to all of his fans rooting for him.

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