Big Country Carman

Last night Dillon Carman (Big Country) and Eric Martel-Bahoeli fought one another for the Canadian Heavy Weight Title. The fight lasted a total of seven rounds and is considered to be one of the roughest fights in Canadian Boxing History. Big Country Carman was able to pull through and knock out his opponent at 2:46 on the seventh round. The crowd had been cheering both of these fighters on for the entire seven rounds, the majority choosing to cheer for Carman in the end.

Dillon Carman

These two fighters are nearly equal in every single manner, the only reason that Carman was able to win the match was due to a quick set of footwork he preformed which allowed for him to move quickly out of the way of a jab coming from Eric and then return him with a left hook which knocked him out. Dillon (Big Country) Carman now stands as the Canadian Heavy Weight Champion, he is currently standing as one of the best fighters in the world.

You could tell after the sixth round that Eric Martel was beginning to feel tired from all of the moving he had been doing trying to dodge Carmans punches. Both of these fighters went in expecting the best but only one of the them was able to walk out of that match victorious. A congratulations is in order for Dillon Carman, he will now begin taking on worldwide famous fighters from the USA & Europe.

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