Boxing Journeymen

Professional Boxing has been a sport that has changed the lives of many people throughout the years. Muhammad Ali would of never broken away from his slave name, become famous or become rich if it wasn’t for professional boxing. It was the only sport he knew he could play as he was good with his fists. Unfortunately people believe that those who lose in the ring have lost due to their lack of skill against their opponent. This is far from the case the majority of the time.


The majority of the time your favorite boxer will be fighting against a “Journeyman”. A journeyman being a professional boxer who is paid to lose. One of the circuits responsible for creating journeyman is the UK Professional Boxing Circuit. They alone were one of the first to start using Journeymen in order to make boxing more popular and enjoyable for the viewer to watch. Seeing your favorite boxer defeat their opponent in a matter of three rounds and doing it brutally brought more people out to watch these matches which in return made the circuit more money.

These journeymen are paid a high wage in order to purposely lose while making it look very believable. These journeymen must have the skill to actually lay a hit on their opponent but must also know how to take a hit, a large amount of hits actually. Their providing a service which allows for certain boxers to hold their unbeatable record and become more famous around the world.

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