Peter Fury Speaks With Anger Due

Peter Fury is a well known trainer in the world of boxing, he has helped train some of the best boxers in world history which includes his nephew who is now a professional boxer. Tyson Fury had a fight scheduled with Alexander Ustinov for this weekend but had to pull out of the fight due to Peter Fury’s brother Hughie falling under a life threatening sickness. Everyone believed that Alexander Ustinov would win the fight within a few rounds and there have been many who have been questioning Tyson Fury’s uncles sickness.

Peter Fury

Peter Fury took it upon himself to speak to various reporters from different newspapers and television stations located in the European Union. Mr. Fury said the following, “This is not some excuse, my brother is extremely ill and could lose his life because of it. I am disgusted that you the media would question why Tyson had to leave the fight. During this hard time for my family you would think that you’d all have some more compassion but instead you urge us onwards in hopes that we will re-enter the fight. As of right now we aren’t prepared to fight, I’ll tell you that Tyson wants to go in the ring with each one of you now. Your disrespect is ridiculous and if this were your family you’d feel the same way.”

Clearly the Fury family is appalled by the actions of the European Media, not only expressing his disgust but also relaying a threat that Tyson made earlier on. The fury’s family anger is more than justified.

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Russian Boxer

Matvey Korobov is a world famous wrestler from Russia. Even though Russia is his home country Matvey resides in Italy. The Russian boxer has recently been in the press due to a series of remarks and predictions he made about the future of his homeland. Mr. Korobov has predicted that World War III isn’t just a thought of the future anymore but that it is a reality that will soon embark upon the entire world. He also noted that World War III would be started by the hands of Russia, his beloved home country.


During an interview with Mr. Korobov had this to say, “I firmly believe that another world war will dawn upon the world within the next two years. My countries president Vladimir Putin has already invaded Ukraine, shot down an aircraft and provoked NATO in a way you don’t want to provoke them. Mr. Putin says that he hasn’t invaded the Ukraine and that he didn’t authorize anyone to shoot down the MH17 Flight. The world doesn’t believe him as we all can see the proof through social media. I suspect that within the next two years we will be in a full scale war and I understand that with this statement I will no longer be allowed to enter Russia as a citizen. I am fine with that as I want nothing to do with Russia’s future.”

Matvey Korobov isn’t your basic professional wrestler. He actually won the middleweight amateur world championship title back in 2005 and 2007. He could knock back a fair amount of boxers to this day

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