Dawson Returning

Chad Dawson, a famous and longtime boxer in the world revealed earlier on this month that he will be returning to the ring for the first time in two years. This came as a shock to many as the last time he boxed he was defeated brutally by Andre Ward, a middleweight champion who destroyed Dawson in a matter of ten rounds.

Chad Dawson

Mr. Dawson originally won the light heavyweight championship world title back in April, 2012. Five months later he was posed for a match with Andre Ward and after losing he didn’t enter the ring ever again. At least not until now, it is unknown he Chad Dawson will be fighting when he returns to the ring come three weeks time. You can be ensured though that whoever it is they will be a formidable foe that will pose a challenge for Chad Dawson.

Chad Dawson stated the following to reporters, “It has been a long time since I have been in the ring. During the first year of my retirement I just enjoyed myself, vacationed around the world and didn’t have anyone bother me. The last year I have been training on and off again as I get bored, I know I still have my edge and I want to prove to everyone that I can still fight. People keep on saying that after I left and never returned to the ring that I was a weakling, I am one of the best boxers in the world and I plan to show everyone that.”

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