Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare To Earn $1 Billion

Call of Duty stands as the most profitable entertainment series ever known in the world of video games. Each time Activision releases a new call of duty it brings in more than one billion on its opening week. There aren’t any other video game series that remotely come close to this kind of revenue or movie franchises for that matter.


Call of Duty Advanced Warfare, the newest COD to be announced for the franchise is said to be the first call of duty game to earn one billion dollars on opening day. Every other COD games has been able to bring in $500 Million or more on opening day but never $1 Billion. The reason analysts believe that Call of Duty Advanced Warfare will do so well is because it is running on an entirely new engine, it boasts new gameplay mechanics and an entire new story line that follows up the events of the Modern Warfare series.

When looking at the trailer for Advanced Warfare you see that you are placed into the role of a male character who resembles the son you play in “Ghosts”. You will use Mechanic Warrior Suits to either break through walls, tanks, jump from bridge to bridge or just simply be a bad ass in multiplayer.

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare already has a release date and you can enjoy the next gen Call of Duty experience on November 8th, 2014.

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