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Boxing has been around for many years as a combat battle between two fighters in a demonstration of speed, agility, strength and determination. In earlier times, it had different styles and connotations and today, fighting has grown to incorporate a number of different genres including Ultimate Fighting and such that are all derivatives of boxing. Classic boxing still exists, although the other genres tend to focus more intently on their entertainment style and generally attract a much younger demographic than the traditional boxing match.

Certainly, there is far more violence attached to the newer iterations of fighting and that may very well have a greater appeal to those in the Nintendo generations that have desensitized to the more regulated style of battle that boxing maintains. That bloodthirsty hunger may also simply be represented in the North and South American sides of the hemisphere as well since boxing is a sport that is banned in some European countries such as Norway and Iceland and up until a short time ago, Sweden as well.

The sport is fought in three minute rounds and each round is judged as to who had the upper hand and then the round victories are added up to determine that match winner unless a fighter is disqualified or knocks his opponent out, either literally or technically, or a fighter calls a fight on his own.

Boxing originated in the Greek Olympics, which makes it one of the oldest sports in existence. It evolved over time to become the modern version currently being carried out in rings but prior to today’s match, it also existed in arenas in Ancient Rome and at that time, was often fought to the death. They were a vicious bunch, those Romans. Slave fighting might also have been a precursor to boxing based on the fact that it was fighting for entertainment value although the regulated component was likely not in place through those events. Once weapons entered the picture, these “boxing” events took a back seat to sword and armed battles as spectator sports and did not really come back into vogue into late in the 17th century. The events returned as bare-knuckled fights until the wrapping of the hands became an element and this would later morph into the prizefighting events that would follow about a century later.

Today, boxing enjoys a rather dedicated following and the sport has become an industry with prize fights scheduled as elite events in the urbane halls of some of the most renowned luxury hotels in Las Vegas. The sport also draws in the billions for pay-per-view events that are sold to viewing outlets all over the world for those that cannot be at the big event at the MGM Grand or one of its competing venues.

Fighters, as well, are now making in the millions of dollars over their career, accumulating their purse for the fight, getting proceeds from viewing sales and being used as spokesman to endorse products at whopping contract rates. And they are approaching the sport with a more intelligent plan as well. Many have developed their own promotions companies that sponsor and market not only their own fights but also fights for up and comers. Floyd Mayweather has earned the nickname Money not only for his ability to earn in the ring but also for his overall income from promotions and endorsements.

Overall, boxing, though now competing with numerous other fighting genres, is still alive and kicking….err, punching…and over the years it has birthed many a great fighter. This site hosts the stories of just a few of those.

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