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Canadian Boxing Title

Boxing used to be a sport that was more main stream than American Football, it’s popularity knew no boundaries across the globe but throughout the years it has become less popular & has dwindled down into a sport only meant for die hard fighting fans, people who rely on honour and respect. Not pure destruction such as the MMA Fighting Style has to offer. Unfortunately even to the diehard boxing fans the Canadian Heavy Weight Boxing Title is something that isn’t recognized as an official title, it used to be one of the hardest titles you could get.

c boxing

Luckily thanks to fighters such as Chuvalu and Trevor Berbick we have been able to see this title slowly gain in popularity one again. In the upcoming weeks there will be a battle in the Madison Square Gardens in New York City vs. Dillon Carman & Eric Martel Bohoeli. Dillon Carman is a fighter located from Mississauga, Ontario. He is someone that has been known to be an incredible fighter which is why he will be fighting for the same title that Chuvalu once represented for a long period of time. Sports announcers are already saying that this is going to be one of the best heavy weight fights that we’ve seen in years.

We shall keep you updated on how Dillon Carman does in his heavy weight title match, he is the underdog and everyone is rooting for him to win. There is a very good chance that he could come out on top due to all of his fans rooting for him.

Dillon Carman

Big Country Carman

Last night Dillon Carman (Big Country) and Eric Martel-Bahoeli fought one another for the Canadian Heavy Weight Title. The fight lasted a total of seven rounds and is considered to be one of the roughest fights in Canadian Boxing History. Big Country Carman was able to pull through and knock out his opponent at 2:46 on the seventh round. The crowd had been cheering both of these fighters on for the entire seven rounds, the majority choosing to cheer for Carman in the end.

Dillon Carman

These two fighters are nearly equal in every single manner, the only reason that Carman was able to win the match was due to a quick set of footwork he preformed which allowed for him to move quickly out of the way of a jab coming from Eric and then return him with a left hook which knocked him out. Dillon (Big Country) Carman now stands as the Canadian Heavy Weight Champion, he is currently standing as one of the best fighters in the world.

You could tell after the sixth round that Eric Martel was beginning to feel tired from all of the moving he had been doing trying to dodge Carmans punches. Both of these fighters went in expecting the best but only one of the them was able to walk out of that match victorious. A congratulations is in order for Dillon Carman, he will now begin taking on worldwide famous fighters from the USA & Europe.

Muhammad Ali Looks Frail At Recent Charity

Muhammad Ali, one of the most legendary sports stars known around the globe now stands as the age of seventy two. In his old age it appears that Mr. Ali is getting frail, this doesn’t come as a surprise as decades ago Muhammad Ali was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease which means you have zero control of your body. Ali got this disease after the mass amount of punches he took to the face and head, none the less this legend keeps on going as he attends charities and public events all the time.


The Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Award, which is held in Kentucky honored Mr. Ali as the guest of honour. Susan Sarandon and other famous Hollywood stars attended this event as well to show their support for the greatest boxer in history. These awards try to find someone who is worthy to be compared to Muhammad Ali, someone who made a major change to their communities and have made efforts beyond that of their community.

The central icon is nowhere near passing away though as he is still very active in the boxing community and he supports any charity that might need his help. Even in his old age he does everything in his power to help those in need of his help, that is why still to this day Muhammad Ali is “The Greatest”. You can view all of Muhammad Ali’s best boxing matches on DVD or Blu-Ray by purchasing it at your local electronics store.

Horsley Hill Boxer Dies In Freak Accident

Last weekend a twenty three year old by the name of Grant Adams passed away from a freak accident. While resting on a sunbed at the Horsley Hill Amateur Boxing Club he fell into a deep sleep that he’d never awake from. Resting on the bed in the wrong manner he began to lose air in his lungs. He eventually lost all air in his lungs and passed away from suffocation. He was found a half an hour later by his coach who was looking for him as it was time for him to practice again. His coach grew angry as he wouldn’t get up, thinking that the twenty three year old was faking be asleep.

He then checked to see if there was a pulse to which the coach was shocked to see he had just touched the body of his now dead student. Sharna Gardner, the girlfriend of Grant received a check worth thirty five hundred Euro’s this weekend which was split between the Great North Air Ambulance Charity and the couples baby. The $1,750 was used towards buying the baby new clothes, diapers, new toys and various other things that the child needed.

This is the second sports related death to occur in Horsley Hills during the last two months. It has put the community in an array of distress as Grand and Karl, the other boy to pass away two months earlier were considered to be great men in the community. They stood as role models for the young children in the Horsley Hills community and they will be sorely missed.


Boxing Journeymen

Professional Boxing has been a sport that has changed the lives of many people throughout the years. Muhammad Ali would of never broken away from his slave name, become famous or become rich if it wasn’t for professional boxing. It was the only sport he knew he could play as he was good with his fists. Unfortunately people believe that those who lose in the ring have lost due to their lack of skill against their opponent. This is far from the case the majority of the time.


The majority of the time your favorite boxer will be fighting against a “Journeyman”. A journeyman being a professional boxer who is paid to lose. One of the circuits responsible for creating journeyman is the UK Professional Boxing Circuit. They alone were one of the first to start using Journeymen in order to make boxing more popular and enjoyable for the viewer to watch. Seeing your favorite boxer defeat their opponent in a matter of three rounds and doing it brutally brought more people out to watch these matches which in return made the circuit more money.

These journeymen are paid a high wage in order to purposely lose while making it look very believable. These journeymen must have the skill to actually lay a hit on their opponent but must also know how to take a hit, a large amount of hits actually. Their providing a service which allows for certain boxers to hold their unbeatable record and become more famous around the world.

Peter Fury

Peter Fury Speaks With Anger Due

Peter Fury is a well known trainer in the world of boxing, he has helped train some of the best boxers in world history which includes his nephew who is now a professional boxer. Tyson Fury had a fight scheduled with Alexander Ustinov for this weekend but had to pull out of the fight due to Peter Fury’s brother Hughie falling under a life threatening sickness. Everyone believed that Alexander Ustinov would win the fight within a few rounds and there have been many who have been questioning Tyson Fury’s uncles sickness.

Peter Fury

Peter Fury took it upon himself to speak to various reporters from different newspapers and television stations located in the European Union. Mr. Fury said the following, “This is not some excuse, my brother is extremely ill and could lose his life because of it. I am disgusted that you the media would question why Tyson had to leave the fight. During this hard time for my family you would think that you’d all have some more compassion but instead you urge us onwards in hopes that we will re-enter the fight. As of right now we aren’t prepared to fight, I’ll tell you that Tyson wants to go in the ring with each one of you now. Your disrespect is ridiculous and if this were your family you’d feel the same way.”

Clearly the Fury family is appalled by the actions of the European Media, not only expressing his disgust but also relaying a threat that Tyson made earlier on. The fury’s family anger is more than justified.


Russian Boxer

Matvey Korobov is a world famous wrestler from Russia. Even though Russia is his home country Matvey resides in Italy. The Russian boxer has recently been in the press due to a series of remarks and predictions he made about the future of his homeland. Mr. Korobov has predicted that World War III isn’t just a thought of the future anymore but that it is a reality that will soon embark upon the entire world. He also noted that World War III would be started by the hands of Russia, his beloved home country.


During an interview with WorldBoxingNews.net Mr. Korobov had this to say, “I firmly believe that another world war will dawn upon the world within the next two years. My countries president Vladimir Putin has already invaded Ukraine, shot down an aircraft and provoked NATO in a way you don’t want to provoke them. Mr. Putin says that he hasn’t invaded the Ukraine and that he didn’t authorize anyone to shoot down the MH17 Flight. The world doesn’t believe him as we all can see the proof through social media. I suspect that within the next two years we will be in a full scale war and I understand that with this statement I will no longer be allowed to enter Russia as a citizen. I am fine with that as I want nothing to do with Russia’s future.”

Matvey Korobov isn’t your basic professional wrestler. He actually won the middleweight amateur world championship title back in 2005 and 2007. He could knock back a fair amount of boxers to this day

Floyd Mayweather

Mayweather Taking The Heat

Floyd Mayweather isn’t your average man, he isn’t your average celebrity and he sure isn’t your average basketball fan. Mayweather has been able to capture the hearts of millions all around the world and he has proven that any fighter, regardless of their age, can stand up and fight for another day. He is the role model for famous boxers today and he will continue to be a role model for boxers in the future generations to come.

Floyd Mayweather

The boxer is also a massive fan of Basketball and his preferred team is the Miami Heat. The reason for this is because some of the biggest stars from Hollywood attend the Miami Heat games. Recently Mayweather openly showed his support for the Miami Heat, saying that they are by far the best team in the National Basketball Association. Jamie Foxx, one of his long-time friends from Hollywood recently avoided him at the most recent Miami Heat game on Tuesday Night. This came as a shock to as Foxx has never missed a game with him before.

It turned out that Jamie Foxx had gotten into a small fender bender several blocks away from the Miami Heat Stadium. Mr. Foxx had to deal with cops for nearly an hour and a half, having to wait thirty minutes previous to that before he could go to the game. At that time he decided he just would rather go home.

Chad Dawson

Dawson Returning

Chad Dawson, a famous and longtime boxer in the world revealed earlier on this month that he will be returning to the ring for the first time in two years. This came as a shock to many as the last time he boxed he was defeated brutally by Andre Ward, a middleweight champion who destroyed Dawson in a matter of ten rounds.

Chad Dawson

Mr. Dawson originally won the light heavyweight championship world title back in April, 2012. Five months later he was posed for a match with Andre Ward and after losing he didn’t enter the ring ever again. At least not until now, it is unknown he Chad Dawson will be fighting when he returns to the ring come three weeks time. You can be ensured though that whoever it is they will be a formidable foe that will pose a challenge for Chad Dawson.

Chad Dawson stated the following to reporters, “It has been a long time since I have been in the ring. During the first year of my retirement I just enjoyed myself, vacationed around the world and didn’t have anyone bother me. The last year I have been training on and off again as I get bored, I know I still have my edge and I want to prove to everyone that I can still fight. People keep on saying that after I left and never returned to the ring that I was a weakling, I am one of the best boxers in the world and I plan to show everyone that.”

Welcome to decaturboxing.com

Boxing has been around for many years as a combat battle between two fighters in a demonstration of speed, agility, strength and determination. In earlier times, it had different styles and connotations and today, fighting has grown to incorporate a number of different genres including Ultimate Fighting and such that are all derivatives of boxing. Classic boxing still exists, although the other genres tend to focus more intently on their entertainment style and generally attract a much younger demographic than the traditional boxing match.

Certainly, there is far more violence attached to the newer iterations of fighting and that may very well have a greater appeal to those in the Nintendo generations that have desensitized to the more regulated style of battle that boxing maintains. That bloodthirsty hunger may also simply be represented in the North and South American sides of the hemisphere as well since boxing is a sport that is banned in some European countries such as Norway and Iceland and up until a short time ago, Sweden as well.

The sport is fought in three minute rounds and each round is judged as to who had the upper hand and then the round victories are added up to determine that match winner unless a fighter is disqualified or knocks his opponent out, either literally or technically, or a fighter calls a fight on his own.

Boxing originated in the Greek Olympics, which makes it one of the oldest sports in existence. It evolved over time to become the modern version currently being carried out in rings but prior to today’s match, it also existed in arenas in Ancient Rome and at that time, was often fought to the death. They were a vicious bunch, those Romans. Slave fighting might also have been a precursor to boxing based on the fact that it was fighting for entertainment value although the regulated component was likely not in place through those events. Once weapons entered the picture, these “boxing” events took a back seat to sword and armed battles as spectator sports and did not really come back into vogue into late in the 17th century. The events returned as bare-knuckled fights until the wrapping of the hands became an element and this would later morph into the prizefighting events that would follow about a century later.

Today, boxing enjoys a rather dedicated following and the sport has become an industry with prize fights scheduled as elite events in the urbane halls of some of the most renowned luxury hotels in Las Vegas. The sport also draws in the billions for pay-per-view events that are sold to viewing outlets all over the world for those that cannot be at the big event at the MGM Grand or one of its competing venues.

Fighters, as well, are now making in the millions of dollars over their career, accumulating their purse for the fight, getting proceeds from viewing sales and being used as spokesman to endorse products at whopping contract rates. And they are approaching the sport with a more intelligent plan as well. Many have developed their own promotions companies that sponsor and market not only their own fights but also fights for up and comers. Floyd Mayweather has earned the nickname Money not only for his ability to earn in the ring but also for his overall income from promotions and endorsements.

Overall, boxing, though now competing with numerous other fighting genres, is still alive and kicking….err, punching…and over the years it has birthed many a great fighter. This site hosts the stories of just a few of those.